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Save Planner’s dashboard provides all the tools you need to understand, protect and save your money. We’ll show you all of your account and card balances in one place, making looking after your money easier. 

The great tools Save Planner offers you

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Save Planner gives you all the tools you need to manage your money – available all the time. A comprehensive and convenient dashboard, handy savings calculators and advice on how to save money by switching energy suppliers.


Protect your money and your peace of mind! You’ll receive alerts about any potential fraud on your accounts, and will be able to easily see 90 days’ worth of transactions across all of your accounts and cards.

Income Advice

Our guides will help you make extra money online, using platforms such as eBay and YouTube. There’s a method to suit everyone, so pick one that matches your skills and start earning a bit of extra income.

Exclusive Discounts

Before you buy those goods, check out our exclusive discount vouchers. With up to 50% off a whole range of major UK brands, you can make significant savings on all kinds of items, with Save Planner.

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